About Asian Auto Gas

Years of unbreakable trust, commitment and quality

25 year experience in automobile gas conversion, pioneers in the field of installation of LPG and CNG kits for all types of luxury cars

Kerala's 1st Auto Gas Conversion centre for L. P. G and C N G
Auto Gas retro- fitment for all petrol vehicles as per A RI/VERDE /ICAT
After Sale Service
Free maintinence and services to all L. P. G & C N G retro filled vehicles from 1 to 3 years depending on brand

How CNG benifits you
If you drive 40km daily with a milege of 14km on your car. With a price of 107 for petrole and 69.49 for C N G you can save up to 186 dailyand 5580 monthly with C N G

Asian Auto gas has been the pioneers of Auto gas retro fitment service providers in Trivandrum city for more than two decades. We are the first authorized retro fitment center for CNG in Trivandrum to be approved by the government following all the required guidelines.

CNG is more eco-friendly than gasoline Petrol. Natural gas produces far fewer harmful emissions and hydrocarbons than gasoline Petrol. Using CNG makes the engine cleaner and more efficient. Unlike gasoline Petrol, CNG minimizes harmful carbon deposits when combusted. As a fuel, CNG is better than petrol because its gaseous in nature and hence leaves zero residue after burning. It is clean, more environment friendly and cheaper than petrol.

Years of unbreakable trust, commitment and quality

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